A metaphor for the vision Hildesheim 2025

HAWK-Bid-Book-Team wins Red Dot Award

Hildesheim is one step further on the way to becoming the European Capital of Culture 2025. A significant part of the success lies in the Bid Book, which was designed by experts from the field of Editorial Design from the Branding and Graphic Design departments of the Faculty of Design at the HAWK in Hildesheim. Now that the second bid book is about to be submitted, they won a Red Dot Award in the category “Brands & Communication".

The team put together for this task consisted of Dominika Hasse, Professor of Editorial Design, HAWK MA graduate Anna-Lena Schotge and Bachelor students Timo Strüber and Sophie Stillig, supported by research assistant Tatjana Rabe. They developed a design process that began with a maximum exploration of the basic conditions. It culminated in the research of neon colours in offset printing, which, in contrast to the theme “Beets, Roses and the meaning of life", visualised the metaphor for a vision of Hildesheim 2025. Based on this, the design parameters were conceived and implemented. Anna-Lena Schotge, now employed as a designer at the project office Hildesheim 2025, sees the contrast between uncoated paper and neon colours reflecting the contrast between urban and rural spaces. “To implement the contents of the Hildesheim application in the material and design of the bid book was an exciting task".

Dean Prof. Dr. Jan Henrik Oehlmann, is enthusiastic: “I am very happy about this great award for the project, it is a special appreciation and emphasises that it was justified to have insisted at the time that the bid book be produced with the expertise of the Faculty of Design at the HAWK in Hildesheim. Lene Wagner, co-director of the application, stresses how important the design of the Bid Book was in bringing Hildesheim into the second round of the application. “In Bid Book 1, we developed a bold artistic programme for the year 2025. The HAWK team has succeeded in making this progressive province tangible today with its innovative design. We thank you for your support and congratulate you warmly."

Since 1955, the Red Dot competition has been honouring products of high design quality. Since 1993 it has also been awarded for communication design in the category “Brands & Communication". “The Red Dot Award is a great success for the whole team", says Prof. Dominika Hasse happily: “This is of course a pleasant tailwind for the next round". The editorial team of the Faculty of Design is currently working on the second bid book, which will be submitted on 21 September.

A metaphor for the vision Hildesheim 2025

The first Hildesheim Bid Book, designed in the HAWK Faculty of Design, receives the Red Dot Award as an award for a product of high design quality. Photo: Anna-Lena Schotge

A metaphor for the vision Hildesheim 2025

Presenting their work on the bid book in the Rasselmania: The two students Sophie Stillig and Timo Strüber, Prof. Dominika Hasse, MA graduate Anna-Lena Schotge and graduate designer Tatjana Rabe. Photo: Charish Scheurer

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