But then the hall is crowded…

20 frames per 20 seconds. Nine professionals from the province. Nine Pecha Kucha lectures.

European Hinterland Stories – the kick-off for the Province Lab in the Hildesheim Ratskeller.

Sabine Zimmermann, the host from the Network for Culture & Local Traditions, spoke about networking in Nordstemmen and travelling through Europe. Christine Sell from the Deveron Projects in Huntly, Scotland, traced how a ghost town came back to life through the commitment of her community. Igor F. Petković fell head first through his presentation: Ukraine, West Africa, Graz. And Froukje de Jong-Krap had Poetic Potatoes and Fifty Shades of Green from Leeuwarden in her repertoire.

Bored? Cancelled!

But also the friends of the cultivated country life cliché got their share. The hostess Sabine Zimmermann and Matti Müller, who charmingly led through the evening as presenter, are cousins. There you go!

But then the hall is crowded…
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