Girl with moped wanted

Four film trailers from the province are being produced for Hildesheim’s bid to become the European Capital of Culture. Now the project office is looking for participants. Among others a young woman with a moped.

Five mailboxes on a field. A boy waiting at a bus stop. A pantomime – motionless in the pedestrian zone.

At first glance, not much will happen in the small film scenes that the Project Office Hildesheim 2025 will shoot in mid-July. And at second glance? “It was important for us to cast a humorous glance at the province with the trailers," says Thomas Harling, head of the project office. “After all, life away from the metropolises surprises us every day – sometimes we just have to take a closer look."

This also applies to the search for performers. “To find a young woman on a moped during the holiday season – not so easy," says Koko Lana Hörr, the project office’s FSJ volunteer who is responsible for the preparations for the film shoot. At the moment we are still looking for a young woman with a moped (or driving licence) and a male youth for the scene at the bus stop. Furthermore, a street artists of both sexes who want to act as pantomime and an older lady who sweeps the street.

The trailers for Hildesheim’s application to become European Capital of Culture will be released in August and September and are aimed at an international audience. The shooting days are scheduled for 21 and 22 July. “Anyone who would like to be involved as an actor or actress would have to have time on both days", says Max Balzer, responsible for public relations at Projektbüro Hildesheim 2025, “but the finished scenes will only take 30 seconds. That’s why we are not looking for trained actors but for residents who can show how surprisingly diverse the city and region of Hildesheim is."

If you would like to be part of the new trailer for Hildesheim’s Capital of Culture application – in front or behind the camera – please feel free to send an e-mail to

Girl with moped wanted

Five mailboxes on a field near Sottrum: The project office Hildesheim 2025 wants to give a surprising perspective on the city and region with its trailers.

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