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The Circle of Friends European Capital of Culture 2025 supports the Hildesheim application by means of an image film

Many people think that the significance of Hildesheim is not sufficient for gaining the title of European Capital of Culture. When the Circle of Friends European Capital of Culture 2025 was founded about five years ago thanks to the idea of the application, broad parts of the public were full of concern that Hildesheim might not be strong enough for achieving this great European title or might even have too little to offer. Despite these feelings, the Circle of Friends has got involved from the very beginning. Now, after many previous actions, the image film “Hilde” was produced by this group – a film in which even film star Diane Krüger appeared.

Encouraged by the great anniversaries like the 1000 years jubilee of St. Michaelis (2010) and the 1200 years jubilee of our diocese (2015), the thereby strengthened civic pride for the city should not be lost again. However, when the Circle of Friends European Capital of Culture 2025 had the image film “Hilde” produced, they also had in mind that the citizens of the city and district of Hildesheim could develop a new view of their city and support the way to become European Capital of Culture. The film uses the instruments of irony, deals with emotional prejudices and provides a new framework. A very emotionally engaging story is told taking place in Stelu's Cafe Bar, where the actors are happy and proud of living in Hildesheim. Contagious laughter can be heard and a guest who has never been to Hildesheim before is hugged scenically and lovingly. The fact that direct support from Hollywood is demonstrated through the participation of actress Diane Krüger emphasizes the humor that takes self-irony to the extreme.

The concept of the film was developed by Natalie Krzyz and Jakob Willenbrock, both master students of the Design Faculty under the direction of administration professor Mathias Rebmann from the Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences and Art (HAWK). The film was realized by the renowned commercial film director Bastian Kuhn and the FoxDevil Films production company. “The Circle of Friends expresses its thanks in particular to the many honorary actresses and actors from Hildesheim, the team of FoxDevil Films, the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Art Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, derSOUND, Stelu's Cafe Bar, DELI and Enzo Feinkost for the enormous support,” explain the initiators Peter Block, Prof. Dr. Henrik Oehlmann and Hartmut Reichardt.

This commitment is not new: With the support of the Circle of Friends, numerous supportive activities took place within the framework of the application, including those summarized in the brochure “Jenseits der Angst” (Beyond Fear) and the workshop “Werkstatt der Verrückten” (Workshop of the Mad), which opened up new perspectives on the city and its role in culture. The Circle of Friends realized actions with the following titles in the past five years – all of them always based on participation: “Das nenn’ ich Kultur” (I call that culture), “Das nenn’ ich Europa” (I call that Europe), “Das nenn’ ich heilig” (I call that sacred) and “Das nenn’ ich ‘ne Entscheidung” (I call that a decision). Furthermore, there were poster campaigns called: “Es ist genug Angst für alle da” (There is enough fear for everyone). Now, the current hairdresser’s competition for the most interesting Capital of Culture Hairstyle and the current “Summer School” competition took place, in which school students develop methods for schools to communicate the application process for becoming European Capital of Culture. All these activities and ideas have generated a great response and feedback and helped to bring the spirit of the application to the region.

The film can be seen within the introductory film program at the Thega Filmpalast, Gronauer Lichtspiele and on the YouTube channel of the Bidding Office Hildesheim 2025.


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