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Supporting cultural workers who are hit financially by the crisis – “Hildesheim Applauding" makes it possible. Together with the Interessengemeinschaft Kultur Hildesheim (IQ) and the Netzwerk Kultur & Heimat we’re make a call for help.

Click on the button or the QR code to go directly to the donation campaign at betterplace.me!
Creating your profile is free of charge.

Frequently asked questions on Betterplace.me are explained here:

  1. How to create a profile and how to reach the donations afterwards is explained here.
  2. Creating your profile is free of charge. How is Betterplace.me financed? Answers can be found here.

What is Hildesheim Applauding about?
Many cultural workers' existence is threatened by the Corona crisis. We call for help together with the cultural networks in the city and region. Hildesheim Applauding is intended to support groups, bands and individual artists* who are financially affected by the crisis.

But how?
That's where Betterplace.me comes in. The donation website makes it possible for people to get together with their calls for support. This includes the regional cultural scene in and around Hildesheim. At betterplace.me – hildesheimspendetapplaus, cultural workers who suffer from loss of earnings can create their own donation profiles

Who can call for donations?
When performance opportunities disappear, this mainly affects small groups, bands and individual artists* for whom government support is often not available. That is why Hildesheim Applauding focuses on the cultural workers themselves and their groups.

How can cultural workers be supported?
Everyone can help: Whether by buying products such as CDs, books, T-shirts or by making a direct donation to cultural workers. What is otherwise spent on a concert evening or a visit to the theatre can help to support the regional cultural scene in this crisis.

How do we reach as many donors as possible together?
Hildesheim Applauding must be made known to a broad public, so that support reaches those involved in the cultural sector. That is why the campaign is supported by many media partners with regular feature articles. These should focus on positive stories that show what moves our cultural scene already today. Anyone who wants to be even more present with their cultural work in newspapers, radio and social media can always contact the Hi2025 project office, which will be happy to arrange contacts and reports.

But also every single person can organise support – for example via e-mail, whatsapp or social media.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
We welcome all cultural workers who create a profile on Hildesheim Applauding. And of course also people who donate. Both is rather simple. And if questions do arise – the team of the project office Hi2025 can also be reached in the home office by email ( info@hi2025.de ).

You do culture in the region of Hildesheim, by yourself or in a group, and you have loss of earnings?

Then you can now start your fundraising campaign here.

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