Competition for the title of ”European Capital of Culture”:

Jury visit in Hildesheim

The digital city tour of the European selection committee will take place on Tuesday, October 20, at three venues in the city and region of Hildesheim. Around 120 players will be involved in Garmissen, at St. Mary’s Cathedral and on Angoulêmeplatz.

The Bidding Office Hildesheim 2025 presents the city and region of Hildesheim in a virtual city tour to the European jury through live streams, pre-produced film contributions and video discussion rounds. Around 120 players will be involved to present the vision of a possible Capital of Culture year.

“At the three venues we have up to 70 minutes for cultural activities, played scenes and statements,” explains Thomas Harling, co-head of the Hildesheim application to become European Capital of Culture 2025. “Afterwards, the jury will ask the players on site questions about their application. This can take up to half an hour.”

In order to minimize health risks in connection with the Corona pandemic, the Cultural Foundation of the German Länder announced in mid-August that both the city tours and the final selection meeting would be converted to digital formats. Instead of a day trip to all five German candidate cities, each of them now has to introduce themselves in three live streams of 70 minutes each. A challenge – especially for the Hildesheim application, which focuses on the interaction between city and region.

“Nevertheless, we are very confident that we will be able to present Hildesheim well in the live stream thanks to our great commitment on site,” emphasizes project manager Sabine Zimmermann, responsible for the jury visit together with Thomas Harling. “This also applies to our team behind the camera, which has already made considerable contributions in the last few weeks.” Marcel Sparmann directs the film, Cineteam Hannover is responsible for camera work and sound during the live stream.

Five members of the European jury will participate in the digital city tour. They will be welcomed at St. Mary’s Cathedral where the topic of heritage will be the focus of attention and will be discussed with various partners from museums and universities – and a group of children will also have their say.

At the second venue, a field near Garmissen, a ballet of agricultural machines will invite to dance and a coffee table will invite to intercultural dialogue. Finally, the last venue, Angoulêmeplatz, will bring together the 120 participants of the city tour in a large final picture – accompanied by a graffiti action and an inclusive percussion session. Thomas Quasthoff, ambassador of the Hildesheim application, will be connected in digital form.

For assuring health protection of the participants, the population cannot be invited to participate in the city tour. Offering actions and talks in a public live stream is prohibited by the conditions of competition. “We would very much like to invite the population to visit our jury”, says Thomas Harling, co-head of the application. In view of the current situation and the prevailing conditions, it is unfortunately not even possible to have a look at the final picture at Angoulêmeplatz as a spectator. “We deeply regret this, but health protection of the participants is of course our highest priority.”

This makes it all the more important that the Circle of Friends Hildesheim 2025 broadcasts the decisive press conference as to which of the five German candidate cities will be awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2025, in a public viewing on the square “Platz an der Lilie”,” emphasizes co-head Lene Wagner – albeit with a limited number of participants and subject to an advance registration. “We would be very delighted if as many people as possible would attend our public viewing to keep their fingers crossed for us!”

The press conference on the decision as to which German city will be awarded the title of European Capital of Culture will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 28. The Circle of Friends Hildesheim 2025 is organizing a public viewing on the square “Platz an der Lilie”. Entrance from 11.45 a.m., duration from 12.15 p.a. to 2 p.m., the entry is free.

However, the number of places is limited. A pre-registration by specifying address and telephone number under is necessary. The live stream of the press conference can also be followed online from 1 p.m. on the Facebook page of the Bidding Office Hildesheim 2025.

Jury visit in Hildesheim

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