Minister Björn Thümler praises Hildesheim’s candidature for European Capital of Culture

During his visit to Hildesheim, Björn Thümler, Lower Saxony's Minister for Science and Culture, promised 25 million euros – if Hildesheim wins.

The Minister Björn Thümler was accompanied on his visit to Hildesheim by Laura Hopmann, Member of the State Parliament, CDU. In the project office Hildesheim 2025 Dr. Ingo Meyer, Lord Mayor of the city of Hildesheim and Evelin Wißmann, first councillor of the district of Hildesheim, the members of the state parliament Bernd Lynack und Volker Senftleben (both SPD), the former member of the Bundestag Bernhard Brinkmann (SPD) as well as Thomas Harling and Lene Wagner, who are in charge of the bid for European Capital of Culture, welcomed the Minister.

During his visit Minister Björn Thümler held out the prospect of 25 million euros for the winning city in Lower Saxony – provided that the state parliament also approves the budget. This sum is independent of the 500,000 euros each that the state has promised the two finalists from Lower Saxony, Hildesheim and Hanover, for the preparatory phase this year.

Minister Björn Thümler told the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung that the state sees these expenditures as a duty to strengthen democracy education and cohesion. “Unfortunately, culture is often described as a minor matter. But it does not only cost money, it also brings in money – only nobody counts that."

In conversation with Lord Mayor Dr. Ingo Meyer and the directors of the bid, Lene Wagner and Thomas Harling in the Literaturhaus St. Jakobi, the minister described the combination of beet and rose, city and district of Hildesheim as “ingenious and charming".

With “Europe at Home", during the visit, an international project contribution by the Hildesheim project office 2025 was shown in the Literaturhaus St. Jakobi – Helene Bukowski read her text “Inside behind the window" to the photographs by Anna-Lena Schotge.

Björn Thümler, der niedersächsische Minister für Wissenschaft und Kultur, stellte bei seinem Besuch in Hildesheim 25 Millionen Euro in Aussicht – wenn Hildesheim siegt.

Minister Björn Thümler in conversation with Lord Mayor Dr. Ingo Meyer during a visit to the Literaturhaus St. Jakobi. Photo: Julia Moras

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