My Sounds Are Your Sounds

Hildesheim’s artistic program for the Capital of Culture year 2025 will raise questions about a future Cultural World Heritage. What does that mean? This can be experienced next Saturday on the occasion of a DJ action at a skate park in the Ochtersum district.

The Bidding Office Hildesheim 2025, the Department for Youth section of the City of Hildesheim and the regional radio station Radio Tonkuhle invite you to come to the “Open Sports” area at Philosophenweg. A high-tech audio system as well as DJ equipment will be made available here. The young are cordially invited to use the technical equipment for playing music according to their own music requests with the help of a DJ software.

“We live in a society in which migration is part of everyday life – this is also reflected in the music,” says Lisa Modrakowski from the Bidding Office Hildesheim 2025, who developed the project together with Radio Tonkuhle. “Therefore, it is still uncertain what kind of music will be played at the Ochtersum skate park. That’s the exciting part of the mix that will be played in the radio station’s program afterwards,” adds Kristina König from Radio Tonkuhle. “Are we going to listen back and forth to a Spotify playlist? Or are we going to experience a completely new fusion between US-American R’n‘B, Sudanese Rap, Turkish Pop and German Hip Hop?”

“The inhabitants of the Hildesheim region are associated with 156 foreign nationalities,” explains Carolin Hochleichter, the artistic director of the Hildesheim application to become European Capital of Culture. “These world cultures can already be noted in the sound to be heard in schools, on public places and at bus stops. That’s why our program for the Capital of Culture year 2025 not just revolves around the region’s three World Heritage Sites, but also around a future Cultural World Heritage, which we want to develop together with local residents and guests from all over the world.”

“My Sounds are Your Sounds” starts a trip through the city and shows what young Hildesheim residents are listening to. On Saturday, August 29 from 4 to 7 pm., the first event will take place on the “Open Sports” area in the Ochtersum district. Everybody interested is cordially invited to come and participate. The participation is free of charge. In case of adverse weather conditions, the “My Sounds” project will be postponed.

My Sounds Are Your Sounds

A high-tech audio system and DJ equipment will be made available on the “Open Sports” area at Philosophenweg where the young can play their own music. Does this create a specific sound of the various world cultures present in the city and region? Photo: Denisse Leon (@denisseleon)

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