new flyer Hi2025

Our new flyer is available to read and download.

Read in a nutshell why we want to be European Capital of Culture 2025 and how we want to implement this.
You will also find a short excerpt from our artistic and cultural programme in the flyer.

For example:

  • Beet 4.0: FieldCulturalHeritage Theatre
  • Europe from Beyond
  • Churches 21
  • Network of Boring Cities
  • and Squares of Encounter

As to what we want:

  • Make sense. Create new meaningful relations.Between communities, between city and region, between us and nature, between the past and the future, between us and the world.
  • Become a role model cultural region. Promote Hildesheim as a provincial region shaping change through artistic and cultural means.
  • Foster an inclusive urban and regional society. Create chances for participation and embrace cultural diversity.
  • Promote and empower the young. Encourage fresh ideas, create educational and life opportunities.
  • Strengthen the cultural sector. Enhance and facilitate cultural production.
  • Foster sustainable economic development. Promote innovation, creativity, tourism.

Let us surprise you!

Download the German version of the flyer here.
Here you can get the English version of the flyer.

new flyer Hi2025
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