The Circle of Friends of the European Capital of Culture 2025 simply can't just sit back and relax. In their new project – an online summer school – in the final round of Hildesheim's application to become the German Capital of Culture 2025, young people are not only to be informed about the idea, but “above all, they are to be inspired and invited to participate," Hartmut Reichardt from the Circle of Friends formulates. “The results could be integrated into the bid."

Because school is cancelled due to corona virus, “we are offering – for the first time in Hildesheim's school history – a multimedia-interactive teaching and learning competition that is designed for extracurricular use".

The campaign starts now in accordance with the bidding office 2025: Between now and Pentecost, 1 June 2020, pupils and students of all age groups, including those from secondary schools and universities, will develop multimedia school content in a first phase. Reichardt: “What Capital of Culture Hildesheim means to them and how important the idea of Europe is for them." Various media such as video, posters and dance performances may be used.

The Circle of Friends already has experience with school competitions: two years ago they initiated the poster competition “That's what I call Europe". 1600 pupils from the 8th to the 13th grade took part back then, 100 were awarded a prize.

The best projects will receive prizes from the Circle of Friends worth 2025 euros," Reichardt reveals. Groups of all ages can take part with a teacher as supervisor. If no teacher is willing to participate, the Circle of Friends has arranged for FSJ volunteers to take over the coordination.

“The campaign is designed to spur Hildesheim's candidacy in the final round, because it has what it takes to be a unique selling point," Hartmut Reichardt states enthusiastically. The first phase of the competition will run until the Pentecost holidays, “if the schools continue to be shut down because of Corona," it is to be extended until July.

Pre-registrations with the participants of the respective project, school, class level, telephone number and e-mail address can be sent by e-mail to After the registration deadline all participants will be contacted.

In total there are 60 prizes to be won.
The age group covered is 14 to 25 years.

  • First place: 1.215,00 €
  • Second place: 810,00 €
  • Third place: 405,00 €
  • Fourth to 54th place: 50 vouchers for 20.25 € each, handed out by the company Stammelbach
  • 55th to 60th place: 5 vouchers for one sightseeing flight above Hildesheim each, handed out by the mediardt agency

All forms of representation are possible. Whether video, poster, flash mob, YouTube channel, blog or book – the combination of different media is also allowed and indeed welcome.

We aim for a variety of different results to show how versatile Hildesheim is.

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