We Care

We Care – Beets, Roses and the Meaning of Life

The second bid book introduces on its 100 pages a cultural strategy for the region of Hildesheim as well as the artistic programme for its year as European Capital of Culture. It includes 58 cultural projects and events in Hildesheim and its region, involving around 500 partners – from Hildesheim, Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.

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We Care

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Our vision for Hildesheim 2025

We Care is our vision for Hildesheim 2025 and our message to Europe.
We Care is an invitation to those who are not indifferent, to those who let themselves be moved – and are ready to move together.
We Care is a culture of mutual respect, solidarity and responsibility.
We Care means to listen to each other; and to acknowledge and embrace that we are all different and that being different is enriching.

The Cultural Programme

The 58 projects for Hildesheim 2025 fall each under one of four distinct perspectives on care.

We Care For Each Other

This part of the programme focuses on social engagement through culture and the arts with a commitment to an equal, inclusive and diverse society. “Squares of Encounter" for examples offers artists who are unable to show their work in their home countries – caused by war or other crisis – the opportunity to show their work to new audiences in Hildesheim. Here, Hildesheim 2025 takes on the role of a host for artists in need who, in return, invite the citizens of Hildesheim to join them in their projects realized on the public squares of Hildesheim.

We Care For Ourselves

This perspective is intended for the projects that celebrate and investigate the livelong examination of our beliefs, desires, our hope and faith. One of these projects is “Sweet Stress" in whichHildesheim 2025 is looking for the common roots of our diverse traditions, which we find closely connected to the sweetness of our sugar beet. The project culminates with the celebration of a new local holiday that honours not only the local sugar beet but also transculturalism in rural regions.

We Care For Our Planet

To care for our planet means nothing less than a commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness, and this part of the programme serves as an umbrella for all the projects which investigate the ways culture can support this sentiment. “Pro No!" is a concert installation that demand to rethink and refuse the necessity of constant economic growth. “Beet 4.0" examines globalisation by taking a closer look at the global trade relations of local sugar beet farmers.

We Care For Our Past and Future Heritage

This perspective can be described as a call to go back to the future. Projects that include the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the region can be found here just as well as those connected to intangible cultural heritage. The project “Churches 21" for example lets citizens of the region commission 21 pieces of art from international artists. The pieces are to express the questions essential to the citizens.

We Care
We Care

Practise Care in Culture

Hildesheim 2025 invites to engage through and with culture. This includes environment-friendly event planning, maximized accessibility, inclusiveness, and to be conscious of our history. These aspects refer to the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, translating them into a cultural programme of international relevance.

Promote the Province

Hildesheim 2025 portrays the image of a medieval city surrounded by a rural landscape in which the metropolitan hype is not the be-all and end-all of life. The goal is to celebrate the uniqueness of life beyond the metropolis, further advance it – forward-looking, with a cosmopolitan mindset, but also rooted in the regions land, soil and soul. Hildesheim 2025 dares to rethink the role of the province in Europe and asks the world to join in the creation of new models for the province.

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